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chassis.tech plus 2015
6th International Munich Chassis Symposium



  16. June 2015 - 17. June 2015 / Munich

Conference fee:
EUR 1395,00 plus VAT
EUR 1660,05 incl VAT

 We are now in an age of automotive connectivity, with invehicle internet and car-to-x communication. And in the chassis too, connectivity is increasingly becoming a pacemaker for innovation. Predictive and intelligent chassis systems and automated driving are just some of the keywords in this context. In addition to providing more ride comfort and safety, the interconnection of powertrain and chassis systems also offers new functions – not only in cars but also in commercial vehicles. In addition, innovations in chassis systems are also being driven by modularization, the electrification of the powertrain, intelligent development methods and efforts to reduce fuel consumption.


Benefits for ride comfort, safety and efficiency

Demands on the chassis of tomorrow

Innovations and requirements

Prof. Dr. Peter E. Pfeffer
Munich University of Applied Sciences

One for All – Four Congresses in One Event

The International Munich Chassis Symposium is the key international meeting place for the chassis community in the fields of the chassis, steering, brakes and wheels/tires.

The 1st day will be taken up by the interdisciplinary section chassis.tech plus with two parallel strands of lectures in the afternoon. The symposium will focus on overriding issues relating to chassis systems and vehicle dynamics, before dividing up

on the 2nd day into the following four parallel sections concentrating on the chassis, steering, brakes and wheels/tires:
  • chassis.tech
  • steering.tech
  • brake.tech
  • tire.tech

In the afternoon, the parallel sections will merge together again for the interdisciplinary section chassis.tech plus. Participants can move freely between the four parallel sections at any time. The individual parallel sections scheduled for the second day – chassis.tech, steering.tech, brake.tech, tire.tech – can be booked separately at a reduced registration fee.

For the whole duration of the event, the accompanying trade exhibition will allow you to gather information on innovative products and services offered in the field of chassis development.

  • Manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles and their suppliers
  • Development service providers
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Manufacturers of measuring, testing and simulation systems
  • Authorities, associations and testing institutes

Simultaneous Interpreting German and English

University members of the IAVSD receive a 50 % discount on the registration fee.





In cooperation with:

TÜV SÜD is an international leading technical service organisation catering to the INDUSTRY, MOBILITY and CERTIFICATION Segment. The experts and technology consultants are dedicated partners in their clients' processes, offering comprehensive industry expertise throughout the entire value chain. They focus their services on their core competencies of consulting, testing, certification and training. Almost 20,000 employees are committed to optimising technology, systems and know-how at over 800 locations in Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa. As an innovative service provider to the automotive industry, TÜV SÜD operates a global network of testing laboratories and facilities for exhaust gas testing, tyre analysis and tyre testing, electrical and functional safety tests, alternative powertrain systems, tanks and tank systems and road restraint systems.
The International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics founded in 1977 is an open non-commercial community of persons and organizations of different countries engaged in scientific research and development in the field of Vehicle Dynamics and related fields, in order to promote free and informal exchange of ideas and results.

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ATZ worldwide
The internationally read specialist trade journal for R&D, design, testing and manufacturing in the field of automotive engineering. ATZ facilitates information exchange between the manufacturers and suppliers and reports on new passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
MTZ worlwide
Always just that bit ahead when it comes to the latest developments in engines and engine technology. Peppered with detailed R&D results of interest to highly specialised engineers.


For more than 30 years Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) provide leading technology such as K&C test stands, driving robots, path following systems, driverless test systems and herewith synchronizable autonomous soft crash targets. Even a mixed operation of the vehicles and external actuators became a reality in the meantime. Almost five hundered ABD systems are in operation worldwide from a single driving robot up to systems for the driverless operation of multiple vehicles as well as pedestrian and soft targets . The quality and robustness of ABDs systems proves by the fact that ABDs first robot systems are still in use.
A wide product range of fast and non-destructive installable actuators meet the demands for most different applications such as driving dynamic tests, autonomous misuse or rough road testing, EuroNCAP AEB test, evaluation of ADAS systems, durability tests, parking and crash tests, truck homologation and stationary applications on test stands and much more. Even when every needed robot has been installed in the vehicle, a human can still drive the vehicle normally. Every ABD system uses the same intuitive multilingual and touchscreen enabled software interface which reduces the training effort substantially.

Bertrandt's services for the international automotive industry cover the entire value chain of product development: from the initial idea and the development and validation of components, modules and systems right through to complete vehicles, with supporting services such as quality, supplier and project management. The group-wide networking of expertise and the consistent further development of knowledge secure the company's status as one of the leading partners in the market for development services at 46 locations worldwide.
At chassis.tech 2015, Bertrandt is presenting a mobile driving simulator with a real-time system. The simulator can represent any driving situation, vehicle or route without the need for a drivable vehicle to exist. As a result, it can reduce development time and cut the number of costly and time-consuming test drives required. What is more, the system can integrate vehicle dynamics control systems and driver assistance systems into the real-time simulation environment. Changes in the vehicle's handling therefore become directly perceivable.

Formed in 2006, CES is a worldwide provider of engineering services. With free access to Continentals global technologies, CES provides our customers with rapid, innovative solutions across the complete spectrum of engineering disciplines.
Complimented by highly flexible manufacturing facilities, enabling the production of cost effective, small series and niche volume product applications, CES delivers a complete customer service - excellence by design, designed to meet the highest expectations.
We are focused on:
  • Software services
  • Low volume manufacturing for Niche Applications
  • Engineering for Brakes & Safety applications
  • Engineering for Chassis applications
  • Transmission and Engine Management
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems
  • Driver Assistance Systems
  • Interior and HVAC Functions
  • Displays
  • System Engineering
  • Electric / Electronic Architecture
  • NVH Services
  • Functional Safety Management
  • Adaptation from automotive to non-automotive applications.

Our innovative lightweight cast components make modern vehicles lighter and help to reduce CO2 emissions. With pioneering materials developed in-house, bionic design, and optimized manufacturing technologies, we offer the global automotive and commercial vehicle industry solutions for their current challenges. We see ourselves as a development and production partner for our customers. Many product ideas and concepts are developed in close, respectful, and trustful collaboration. Around 5,000 employees worldwide are passionate for the "lighter future" of the automobile.

More than 200 component designer, calculation and test engineers as well as test rig constructors work hand in hand in the IAMT Group. As a systems partner for chassis, IAMT develops and optimizes individual components and complete chassis systems for volume production or vehicle derivative with due consideration given to function, strength, fatigue and manufacturing process as well as acoustic behaviour. IAMT offers solutions comprising the concept, series production maturity design / industrialisation, tested prototypes including simulation and strength analysis. The tests of individual components and assemblies are carried out at IAMT's testing department on several test rigs for chassis component and whole axle systems. Special test rigs for the development tests and series production tests are developed in the IAMT Group and placed on the market. In addition the newly established prototype field offers the option to construct and redesign entire prototype vehicles.

Our engineering is at the heart of vehicles across the globe. As one of the leading development partners to the automotive industry, IAV offers more than 30 years of experience and a range of skills second to none. With our expertise in the entire vehicle, and the passion to match, we provide technically perfected solutions that balance both rational and emotional aspects. Employing 6,000 members of staff and first-class facilities, we assist manufacturers and suppliers in carrying out their projects wherever they are in the world – from concept to start of production: Your goals are our mission.

IPG Automotive GmbH is one of the world’s leading providers of simulation solutions, test systems and engineering services for the automobile and automotive supplier industries. IPG Automotive supports its customers in mastering technological challenges with respect to safety, comfort, agility and fuel economy by delivering forward-thinking solutions for the entire development process.
In addition to conventional vehicle dynamics simulation, the open integration and test platforms CarMaker, TruckMaker and MotorcycleMaker open up a wide range of applications in Model-,
Software-, Hardware- and Vehicle-in-the-Loop simulation. It includes development and testing of chassis control systems, driver assistance systems and combined chassis, powertrain and steering systems. Also included are fuel consumption analysis and hybrid electric vehicle technology.

As a producing company for adhesive weights and an unique tirerepair-system for tubless tires we are in the market since more than 30 years. We gave and give permanent inpacts to the tire related marked by several realised inventions and applied inventions. Our products show a singularity in technical solutions and thereof we generate mercantile advantages for all of our customers.

Nidec Group operates in the automotive motor field by providing various types of brushed and brushless DC motors as well as SR motors that do not use magnets for EV and HEV drive units.
At present, AMECs main products consist of EPS motors (Electric Power Steering) to which high-performance brushless DC motor technology that is Nidec’s core technology, DCT motors (Dual Clutch Transmission), electric oil pump motors and various other compact brushed DC motors for a wide range of automotive applications (Powertrain, Body, Interior).
These all Nidec motors contribute to improving the three basic performance characteristics of "Safety", "Environmental Protection" and "Comfort" required for automobiles.

The OVALO GmbH develops customer-specific gears and mechatronic drive systems to be used in automotive applications.
Our portfolio consists of sophisticated drive solutions for active chassis applications, steering and braking systems as well as control of combustion engines, fulfilling the highest requirements regarding compactness, accuracy, torque capacity and safety criticality. This includes mechanical and electromotive components as well as controllers and necessary software. For these systems we sustainably use our development skills, development knowledge and in-house manufacturing to find an optimal drive solution. We work solely on a customer-specific basis because this is the only way that we can meet demands for optimum functionality and integration.
A major part of our know-how regarding high-precision drive technology is due to the experience of Harmonic Drive AG, the technology leader in the area of high reduction, no backlash gears. Our products are based on the strain wave gear principle, which has been tried-and-tested millions of times. Flexible and durable steel components create a compact, high-reduction precision gear. We offer a combination of these precision gears with tailor-made electric motors as well as suitable control units and control algorithms.

Laser vibrometry is firmly established as the automotive industry’s gold-standard for non-contact vibration measurement. Its advantages include zero-mass loading, long standoff distance, high precision and sensitivity, fast set-up, ease of operation, high-throughput, and low operating costs. With so many advantages over contact transducers, laser vibrometry is quickly revolutionizing design development and experimental modal analysis in the automotive industry. It can be extended to the most difficult measurement tasks, such as red-hot, complex or microscopic structures. Polytec’s comprehensive line of products and services provide an optimal solution for almost every automotive vibration measurement application.

SIMPACK GmbH was founded in 1993 as a spin-off of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). The company quickly expanded in the sectors of Virtual Prototyping and 3D-Simulation and soon achieved international recognition for excellence.
In July 2014, the SIMPACK Group was acquired by Dassault Systèmes, giving the growth and development of SIMPACK an all-new perspective and dimension. As part of the SIMULIA Brand, SIMPACK is now the strategic MBS component of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio.
SIMPACK is used for non-linear multi-body simulation and is renowned for its ability to integrate flexible bodies. Cars, trucks, engines, rail vehicles, wind turbines and airplanes are only a few of the sectors where SIMPACK is used. SIMPACK is the market leader in high frequency vibration and 'shock contact' simulations, and therefore the number one choice for handling and comfort analyses as well as NVH and durability calculations.

Tata Steel offers multiple automotive steel products ranging from strip to bar, tube and tailor welded blanks to advanced automotive steels. We can help you to exploit the potential of our advanced steels to lower the total cost of ownership for your vehicles and to implement more efficient, robust production processes. At the same time we develop new automotive steels with you in mind.
Chassis and suspensions
Ridehandling performance are paramount, they require complex solutions for chassis and suspension design. As well as ride and weight savings for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, vehicle package constraints dictate complex component geometries.
It all adds up to a demand for stiff, durable, formable and lightweight steel. Tata Steel is here to help you strike the balance.
Our advanced products and related services support you with:
- Lightweighting
- Enhanced fatigue performance
- Complex component geometry

TESIS DYNAware is your key to cutting-edge technology solutions for real-time vehicle and engine simulation. OEMs and suppliers throughout the world are already benefiting from our many years of experience in providing efficiency-enhancing simulation solutions in the development of controllers and components.
Benefit from our simulation expertise in these fields:
- Function validation for chassis control units
- Test of driver assistance systems
- Complete vehicle simulation
- Calculation of performance and fuel consumption
- Energy and thermal management
- Team and process oriented simulation solutions
- Comprehensive solutions from MiL, SiL until HiL
Our combination of more than 20 years of project experience and our own software development offers ideal simulation support for your development goals, providing specialized engineering as well as tailored software tools.

The automotive industry is in a phase of transition: Fuels are becoming more expensive, resources scarcer. The subject of climate protection is playing a central role. We need to develop efficient, sustainable technologies.
ThyssenKrupp InCar®plus is aimed at helping our customers manage these challenges. ThyssenKrupp InCar®plus makes a major contribution to automotive efficiency. More than 40 innovative solutions in the areas of powertrain, chassis & steering and body set standards for weight reduction, electrification, energy efficiency, safety and comfort.
InCar®plus is currently the biggest OEM-independent development project of any automotive supplier. It impresses not just with its scope and diversity but also with the high level of validation of its solutions. InCar®plus innovations are tested and validated across the entire value chain, from material forming and processing to toolmaking and prototyping to large-scale assembly The team has ensured that the new solutions can be integrated into production quickly and smoothly.

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