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Grid Integration + Electrified Mobility 2021

IN CONJUCTION WITH The Powertrain of Tomorrow

Sustainability Check 2021

27-01-2021 – 28-01-2021 – Virtual Conference via live stream

Cooperation partners

Sustainability Check 2021

Grid Integration + Electrified Mobility 2021

Due to the current situation created by Covid-19, the Grid Intergration + Electrified Mobility will take place as a Virtual event this year.

Perfect interaction between traffic concepts, vehicles with electrified powertrains, and infrastructure is the precondition for broad-based market success. To provide participants with space for an interdisciplinary dialogue, ATZlive is now offering an even broader platform. In 2021, the congress "Grid Integration+Electrified Mobility", which was already combined in 2019, will be held at the same time as our long-established congress "The Powertrain of Tomorrow". Participants will have the opportunity to switch between the parallel strands of lectures.

With the consistent use of renewable electricity, vehicles with an electric drive system can make an important contribution to meeting the targets of 2030 and 2050 in the mobility sector. But it is the customers who are the decisive factor. The main keys to broad-based success are driving range and easy recharging. The development and marketing of these products must therefore be sensibly synchronized with the creation of a charging infrastructure. This process requires stronger impulses. ATZlive already took a first step in 2019 by combining its established congresses "Grid Integration" + "Electrified Mobility". In order to successfully supply not only national but also international markets with sustainable products, a discussion that is open to all technologies and one that goes beyond familiar technical borders will become increasingly important. For that reason, our congress "The Powertrain of Tomorrow", which is being held at the same time, will offer an even broader discussion platform. Meet the experts virtually via live stream.

Sustainability Check 2021

Main Subject Areas

Regulations and customer interests

Technology assessments and developments

Challenges and costs

Keynote Lectures

Franco Bellillo
Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd., China

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhart
Roland Berger GmbH, Germany

Dirk Braun
BridgingIT GmbH, Germany

Manfred Homm
Schaeffler Automotive Buehl GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Panel Discussion

Are sector coupling and competition between technologies the keys to success?

Dr. Ralf Burgdorf
BridgingIT GmbH, Germany

Prof. Dr. Uwe Dieter Grebe
AVL List GmbH, Austria

Dr. Peter Mertens
Automotive Industry Veteran, Investor Circunomics GmbH, Germany

Xaver Pfab
BMW Group, Germany

Dr. Peter Sauermann
BP Europa SE, Germany

2 Conferences in one location

Perfect interaction between traffic concepts, vehicles with electrified powertrains, and infrastructure is the precondition for broad-based market success. In order to provide participants with the opportunity for an interdisciplinary dialogue, we will be holding our established ATZlive conferences "The Powertrain of tomorrow" and "Grid Integration + Electrified Mobility" simultaneously this year.

The independent character with the well-known technical depth will be retained for each conference. Participants will have the opportunity to switch to the parallel conference and thus broaden their perspective. Thus we support the interdisciplinary communication and the necessary systems thinking.

Grid Integration + Electrified Mobility


This ATZ conference is aimed at managers and engineers from car manufacturers, suppliers, development service providers, research institutes, and universities, and at employees of telecommunications services providers, IT companies, financial services providers, energy suppliers and grid operators, federal and state ministries, associations, and NGOs involved in all disciplines of electric mobility.


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The accompanying trade exhibition

A trade exhibition of interesting suppliers and service providers rounds off the conference and provides the opportunity to find out about innovations on site.

Details on the trade exhibition

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Your contact partner

Nadine von Widekind

+49 (0) 611. 7878 212


Cooperation partners

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Scientific Directors and Advisory Boards

Dr. Kathrin Goldammer, Reiner Lemoine Institut gGmbH and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Reuss, Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart, Germany (FKFS)

Two scientific advisory boards made up of outstanding personalities from each of the fields involved support our conference in terms of planning and finding topics.