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Electrified Mobility 2020

3nd International ATZ Congress

24-11-2020 – 25-11-2020 – Germany

Cooperation partners

3nd International ATZ Congress

Electrified Mobility 2020

Electric mobility is regarded as a guarantor of climate protection and good air quality. However, it calls for a rethink on the part of automobile manufacturers, who are currently providing economic growth and employment with both cars and commercial vehicles with combustion engines. But how can the change process succeed? The "Electrified Mobility" congress will provide concrete answers to these questions. The mobility concepts of the future will be discussed in numerous specialist lectures, as will the possibilities of converting the transport system from conventional fuels to fuel cells and electric drives. Experts will provide insights into the development stage of the components required for this and the necessary infrastructure.

2 Conferences in one location

Electric mobility is picking up speed. To achieve a breakthrough, traffic concepts, vehicles and infrastructure must work together perfectly. Our established ATZlive conferences Electrified Mobility and Grid Integration of Electric Mobility cover precisely these topics. In order to enable the participants to form a broader opinion, we will hold these two conferences simultaneously at the same location starting this year.

The independent character with the well-known technical depth will be retained for each conference. Participants will have the opportunity to switch to the parallel conference and thus broaden their perspective. In this way, we promote communication beyond our own specialist field at an interface that is crucial to the success of electromobility.


The ATZlive Conference “Electrified Mobility” is aimed at decision-makers on a strategic and technical level, development engineers and experts working for car and commercial vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and development service providers, employees at research institutes and universities, planners and operators of testing facilities, employees of telecommunications service providers, IT companies, energy providers, power grid operators, federal agencies and state ministries, city planning, vehicle fleet organizations, associations, and NGOs dealing with mobility concepts and electric mobility.



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Simultaneous interpreting (German – English / English – German)

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The accompanying trade exhibition

A trade exhibition of interesting suppliers and service providers rounds off the conference and provides the opportunity to find out about innovations on site.

Details on the trade exhibition

Your contact partner

Your contact partner

Nadine von Widekind

+49 (0) 611. 7878 212


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Scientific Director and Advisory Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Reuss
Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart, Germany (FKFS)

A scientific advisory board made up of outstanding personalities from each of the fields involved supports our conference in terms of planning and finding topics.