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Automotive Acoustics Conference 2019

09-07-2019 – 10-07-2019 – Zurich / Rueschlikon, Switzerland

Cooperation partners

Trade exhibition

An accompanying trade exhibition will be taking place again next to the function rooms on the Automotive Acoustics Conference 2019. In numerous booths, manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry will present the latest developments and interesting services to the specialist audience.


09-07-2019 – 10-07-2019
Zurich / Rueschlikon, Switzerland

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EUR 1,345.00

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gfai tech GmbH

As the subsidiary of GFaI e.V. (Society for the Advancement of Applied Computer Science) it is our goal to bring innovative technologies to the market.  Our scope includes the development, production, marketing and sales. 

Some of our powerful products are:
Acoustic Camera: A modular and versatile tool for the localization and analysis of sound sources. 

TOP-Energy: A software toolkit for the analysis and optimization of energy systems.

WaveImage:A software that provides an end-to-end solution for measurement, analysis and monitoring of sound and vibration via experimental and operational modal analysis (EMA / OMA) and many other tools. 

WaveHit: Scalable AutomaticModal Hammer for reproducible and high-precision single hits.


HEAD acoustics GmbH

HEAD acoustics has developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers of products and solutions for sound and vibration analyses since its foundation in 1986. Today, not only the company’s technical reproduction of human hearing sets international standards, but also the pursued holistic approach which includes all aspects of human perception of sound and vibration occurrences.

HEAD acoustics develops high-performance measurement and analysis systems for multi-channel sound and vibration analyses, binaural sound investigations and communication quality analyses. We offer a variety of standard hardware and software systems as well as user-specific solutions in order to meet virtually any requirement for sound, vibration and communication analyses. The business activities of HEAD acoustics range from sound engineering for technical products and environmental noise to speech quality engineering. Consulting, training and support complement the product offering.


Huntsman Corporation

Huntsman Corporation is a publicly traded global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated and specialty chemicals. Our chemical products number in the thousands and are sold worldwide to manufacturers serving a broad and diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets. We operate more than 75 manufacturing, R&D and operations facilities in approximately 30 countries and employ approximately 10,000 associates within our four distinct business divisions. 


J.H.Ziegler GmbH

J.H. Ziegler is your expert supplier of needle-punched nonwovens, combinations of foam and nonwovens, laminated and multi-layer materials  and natural fibers customized for your application. For the Automotive industry we supply highly efficient sound absorbers for the interior and exterior as well as material for leather lamination.

Ziegler nonwovens are available in thicknesses from 1.2 to 300 mm, and with grammages of 60 to 4,000 g per square meter. Depending on the requirements, Ziegler nonwovens can be manufactured as hydrophobic, oleophobic and hardly inflammable. We supply them as cut parts or roll goods.

Our production facilities are located in Germany, Hungary and China.

For Ziegler, quality awareness and environmental consciousness belong together. Obviously, sustainability is another key goal for us. We are IATF 16949 certified.


Odenwald-Chemie GmbH

ODENWALD has established itself as the market leader in acoustically and thermally efficient foam and fleece systems. The portfolio of ODENWALD covers a wide range of applications and consists of open and closed-cell foam systems as well as of impregnated, fleece and 3D-foam systems, sealings, PE-moulded parts, endless products, battery insulations and acoustically effective systems.

We should mention the PE-FOAM DUCTS and fleece air ducts with three different production techniques. They are becoming more and more important for the vehicle construction as they improve the acoustics and the insulation and allow significant weight saving in comparison with classical systems like blow-moulding parts. Furthermore, the ODENWALD product range includes O.C.-PREN SC, an innovative partially impregnated PUR-foam. It is foam coated on one side with an impregnation of extremely high density. The layer is embedded firmly and inseparably in the material matrix. The material compound is a lightweight and economic alternative to the classic spring-mass system (heavy foil back-foamed with PUR-foam or fleece) showing similar acoustic conditions.



Polyvlies GmbH

Founded in 1850, the Polyvlies Group today has over 450 employees at 5 locations worldwide. In addition to the headquarter in the north west of Germany, the company is also represented in Saxony, France, Slovakia and in the Us, North Carolina. 

Polyvlies develops, produces and finishes technical nonwovens made out of synthetic, natural and/or mineral fibers. That offers a vast number of variations and processing possibilities. Because of incorporating the most modern technology Polyvlies is capable of producing technical textiles with a maximum working width of 6 metres and weights from 80 to 4 000 g/m². The focus on customer orientation and joint application-specific developments have resulted in a range of more than 6 000 products that are produced from a number of different raw materials in an order-specific production procedure for various sectors (e.g. automotive, home textiles and geotextiles etc.).