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Grid Integration of Electric Mobility 2018

Combining resources

3rd International ATZ Conference

05-06-2018 – 06-06-2018 – Berlin, Germany

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3rd International ATZ Conference

Grid Integration of Electric Mobility 2018

Electric mobility is one of the most outstanding industrial topics of the present. In order to give it additional impetus, the charging infrastructure must be further expanded. Particular focus must be on the development of technologies and concepts for the user-friendly integration of electric vehicles into intelligent power grids. In the future, we will need intelligent solutions to ensure the reliability and stability of the power grid. A true breakthrough in electric mobility requires a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions. Grid Integration of Electric Mobility is breaking new grounds providing an international and interdisciplinary forum for representatives from the automotive industry, energy providers, data services and politics.

All carmakers are expanding their model range with the addition of electric powertrains. With its high levels of investment, the VolkswagenGroup is becoming a major player in the field of electric vehicles. Electric mobility is picking up speed. But to maximize its success, the energy supply for these vehicles must also be suitably managed. At the ATZ Conference “Grid Integration of Electric Mobility”, we will therefore examine the situation in the markets. Electric mobility will make sense only if it consistently uses regenerative energy. When will electricity networks be able to store volatile wind and solar power? How are our power transmission networks designed? Can they deal with peak load situations? Is it possible to supply sufficient power to a nationwide network of fast charging stations? Is there an overall plan that considers all cause-and-effect relationships from energy generation to the charging point and from which the necessary investment can be derived?

A breakthrough in electric mobility will not take place until the product and the infrastructure perfectly interact and the financial issues have been resolved. In order to optimize interaction between representatives of the automotive industry, energy providers, data services, politics, and the financial sector, both nationally and internationally, we are offering you an interdisciplinary discussion forum on 5 and 6 June 2018 in Berlin.

Combining resources

Main Subject Areas





Keynote Lectures

Ralf W. Barkey

Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Henning


Will electric mobility fail because of the power grids?


Klaus Baumgärtner,
BridgingIT GmbH
Alexander Kleemann, BMWi
Dr. Markus Obergünner, E.ON SE
Xaver Pfab, BMW Group
Dr. Stephanie Ropenus,
Agora Energiewende


This ATZ conference is aimed at managers and engineers from car manufacturers, suppliers, development service providers, research institutes and universities and at employees of telecommunications services providers, IT companies, financial services providers, energy suppliers and grid operators, federal and state ministries, associations and NGOs who work in the field of electric mobility.


Steigenberger Hotel
Am Kanzleramt
Ella-Trebe-Straße 5
10557 Berlin, Germany

Conference language

Simultaneous interpreting (German/English)

The accompanying trade exhibition

A trade exhibition of interesting suppliers and service providers rounds off the conference and provides the opportunity to find out about innovations on site.

Details on the trade exhibition


05-06-2018 – 06-06-2018
Berlin, Germany

Participation fee

EUR 1,660.05

incl. VAT

EUR 1,395.00

plus VAT

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Scientific director and advisory board

Scientific Director of the conference

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wagner
TU Munich

A scientific advisory board made up of outstanding personalities from each of the fields involved supports our conference in terms of planning and finding topics.