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5th International Engine Congress 2018

27-02-2018 – 28-02-2018 – Baden-Baden, Germany

Trade Exhibition

An accompanying trade exhibition will be taking place again next to the function rooms on both conference days. In numerous booths, manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry will present the latest developments and interesting services to the specialist audience.


27-02-2018 – 28-02-2018
Baden-Baden, Germany

Participation fee

EUR 1,725.50

incl. VAT

EUR 1,450.00

plus VAT

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ACTech GmbH

ACTech GmbH, headquartered in Freiberg/Saxony, is a leading service provider in the manufacturing of casting prototypes made of light metal-, cast iron- and cast steel alloys. The foundation of the company in 1995 was based on the development of the worldwide patented process for laser-sintering of Croning® mould material for the rapid production of sand casting moulds. Thanks to the combination of various Rapid Prototyping technologies, ACTech is able to produce casting prototypes whose properties are nearly identical with those of the series parts, as well as small batch parts. Equipped with the latest 3D-CAD systems, tactile and optical 3D surveying, in-house material and casting test facility, and 15 CNC machining centres, ACTech offers everything necessary to produce extreme fast prototype parts ready to be mounted.

Among ACTech’s worldwide customers are companies from the automotive industry, aircraft industry, vehicle construction, and electrical engineering, as well as device-, machine- and plant construction. Since 2002, quality management at ACTech has been certified according to the international standard ISO/TS 16949 and since 2012 to the international standard ISO 9001.,


A & D Europe GmbH

A&D is a global supplier of measurement, simulation and control solutions for powertrain testing and vehicle development. Our open, flexible and cost-effective tools are designed to fit a wide variety of applications, from durability and performance to hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) simulation and hybrid/electric vehicle and battery test systems. Our complete range of products includes data acquisition and control systems, combustion analysis and dynamometers, as well as real-time simulation systems and model-based automated calibration tools. Through this product offering, combined with best-in-class partners and experienced people, A&D delivers ideal testing environments that not only reduce testing time and increase test coverage, but also realize new methods and tools to effectively manage today's - and tomorrow's complex test requirements. 

Whether your needs include an automated high-performance dynamic test cell, or a reliable, low-cost cell for durability testing, we have the experience and expertise necessary to get your powertrain testing application up and running more quickly and at less cost.


Albonair GmbH

Albonair’s mission is to make air cleaner – with innovative exhaust aftertreatment systems. The company has specialized in the development and manufacturing of urea dosing systems for on-road and off-road medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. They offer commercial vehicle OEM’s an innovative and cost-effective solution to fulfil all current emission standards. The Albonair technology convinces by a highly efficient urea treatment thanks to an ultra-fine urea spray as well as a very robust and maintenance-free system design thus enabling high SCR efficiencies even at low temperatures and a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. The Albonair system is in production for T4F Non-Road Mobile Machinery and Euro VI trucks with a European market share >25%. In addition, the company is benefiting through its customers in India and China from the gradual adjustment of the applicable emission standards. The company's headquarters are based in Dortmund. As a member of the multinational Hinduja Group, Albonair manages its worldwide business with further locations in Chennai and Shanghai out of Germany.   


APL Group

For more than 25 years the APL-Group has provided competent and dependable engineering services to an international customer base.

More than 1400 highly skilled and motivated employees make use of state-of-the-art test equipment and facilities.

This includes more than 240 engine, gearbox, drivetrain and chassis dyno test stands. Coupled with innovative development tools, test methods as well as complete solutions for test stands and measurement equipment, we deliver the highest quality powertrain development and validation service to our customers. Considering the value chain the development portfolio of the APL-Group comprises besides design and simulation also the development and calibration of combustion processes, exhaust aftertreatment systems and electrification strategies as well as the optimization of all emission relevant influences and parameters under real driving conditions. Using advanced technologies and efficient processes, we work effectively to deliver success to our customers in the automotive, commercial vehicle and oil industries.


ATC ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn GmbH

ATC ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn GmbH is transferring with its innovative ALUVATION system the previously static heat treatment of aluminium components on large stationary plants to a new, digitized and mobile-modular era.

By using mobile (road-transport grade), modular (flexible insertion and configurable) and standardized (provided with uniform dimensions) furnaces based on containers, the heat treatment processes are connected by ALUVATION with a digitized data network. Every customer will be able to assemble their own heat treatment micro factory, to rent this system including process development according to their specific needs and volume requirements, and within a few days’ assembly time easily integrate it into their production.

A specific heat treatment expertise by the customer is not needed. The electrically-powered furnace modules are centrally controlled by ALUVATION and can be placed anywhere in the world, ALUVATION takes care of the certification of every process, the remote monitoring and equipment maintenance.

The ALUVATION system includes a whole package one-stop-shop to the customer: process development, construction of charge carriers, completing pre-series production, optimization for serial processes and process monitoring including data archiving. The full system package is rounded up by ALUVATION’s highly modern Research & Development laboratory.


Delta T Hitzeschutz und Isolation GmbH

The company Delta T Hitzeschutz und Isolation GmbH is a privately owned company which specializes in heat protection and insulation products for mobile and stationary combustion engines. In collaboration with the company Rüßel GmbH textile solutions for high-temperature applications are offered.

Customized solutions for mass production and also for small production runs of prototypes or dyno-applications for cable harnesses, hoses, components of the exhaust-system-line, (e.g. DPF, SCR catalytic converters, turbochargers and exhaust manifolds) are designed and manufactured in-house. Delta T provides diverse textile products, a variety of ways to solve problems in heat/thermal - and chill areas, especially for exhaust gas treatment systems. Temperatures of - 200 °C to 1,100 °C are our specialty.

Due to our 3D CAD software we are able to handle also complicate geometrics. 
Well-known manufacturers of vehicles, engines, off-road-vehicles and stationary combustion engines rely on the expertise and cost-effective solutions from the Delta T company.



ELTRO GmbH was founded in 1980 .ELTRO invented the modern plasma heat treatment process and equipment characterized by pulsed dc discharge with variable duty cycle in a hot wall reactor. This technology allowed the decoupling of thermal and plasma reactions and is the base of all modern plasma heat treatment technology giving better quality, higher throughput and lower price per piece.

ELTRO offers tailor-made systems. Beginning with the analysis of the problem the system is designed, customized software solutions are developed and all electronic and mechanical components can be produced in-house besides robots. The equipment is completely assembled at ELTRO and tested under simulated production conditions.

ELTRO delivers plasma heat treatment equipment for nitriding, nitrocarburising and coatings in bell, pit and horizontal design with receptacle diameters starting with 0,45 m up to 6 m diameter and useful heights from 0,8 m up to 5 m. Other designs and sizes are available on demand. ELTRO also delivers fully automated nitriding systems.

The Eltro Group performs heat treatment services in Baesweiler, Chemnitz, Great Britain and the USA.


Emissions Analytics

Emissions Analytics is an independent commercial testing house focussed exclusively and intensively on real world emissions and fuel economy measurements. Operating since 2011, Emissions Analytics has tested over 2,000 models across passenger car, commercial vehicle and off-road applications specialising using portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS). Our test operations are based out of Stuttgart (Germany), Oxford (UK), Seoul (South Korea) and Los Angeles (United States), but they are is by definition portable, enabling us to serve our clients globally. We are delighted to work with a wide range of emissions stakeholders, including governments, cities, regulators, manufacturers, technology suppliers,oil companies and research institutions.


FEV Europe GmbH

The FEV Group with headquarters in Aachen, Germany, is an internationally recognized development service provider for drive and vehicle technologies. FEV's competencies include design, development and prototyping of innovative vehicle concepts, powertrain electronic control systems and hybrid-electric engine concepts that address future emission and fuel economy standards.

The company also offers its global transport industry customers a complete range of engineering services, providing support in the design, analysis and prototyping for powertrain and transmission development, as well as vehicle integration, calibration and homologation for advanced internal combustion gasoline-, diesel-, and alternative-fueled powertrains. The Software and Testing Solutions division is a global supplier of advanced test cell, instrumentation and test equipment. The FEV Group employs a staff of over 4,500 highly skilled specialists at advanced technical centers on four continents.


G+L innotec GmbH

G+L innotec GmbH is a technical consulting and R&D agency. Besides advisory mandates in the field of process optimization for production-oriented companies, the team has developed a new drive-train technology for the automotive industry: the Cross-Charger®, an electrical assisted turbocharger. This ”turbo-by-wire” technology offers, among others, the possibility to substantially improve the response of the internal combustion engine and is an important component for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, to meet the increasing customers’ and environmental policy requirements towards the automotive industry.

In 2009, G+L innotec GmbH emerged from Lindenmaier AG, a former automotive supplier in the metal-working industry with the focus on turbocharger components. During the many years as a supplier within the automotive industry and especially through the cooperation with turbocharger manufacturers, substantial know-how was acquired in the field of turbo charging components and manufacturing. Based on that, in 2009 an R&D team formed the spin-off as “G+L innotec” as a separate company focusing on the advancement of turbochargers.


Handtmann Systemtechnik GmbH &Co. KG

Breaking  new ground with Handtmann
We thrive on extreme demands. We plan strategically, evaluate ideas, realise projects and profit from our experience and the qualities of the Handtmann Group of Companies and its decades of outstanding competence as supplier of the major automobile manufacturers.

With around 130 employees, Handtmann Systemtechnik makes a contribution to the mobility of tomorrow. We initiate progress, provide consulting services and assume project responsibility. We develop, design, plan. We offer comprehensive know-how transfer and take on responsibility for function and quality. We forge new and reliable ways with you for efficient mobility.
Founded as recently as 2003, Handtmann Systemtechnik is one of the young companies that belong to the powerful Handtmann Group.

Handtmann deploys its specialist process and production expertise to deliver trendsetting solutions for engine supercharging, exhaust gas routing, exhaust gas cooling and air routing. That’s how innovative systems for the mobile concepts of tomorrow are developed and economically produced.


Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH - HBM Prenscia

HBM Prenscia leverages ReliaSoft and nCode software, training, and consulting to deliver solutions that empower the engineering community. We are committed to the development of innovative concepts for improving reliability, availability, maintainability, safety, and durability, while reducing risk across a broad range of applications.   


IHI Hauzer Techno Coating BV

Hauzer Techno Coating BV is an expert in PVD and PACVD coating technology in decorative, automotive and tool markets. Hauzer Flexicoat® systems offer the possibility to combine different technologies in one process. In their Competence Centres customers are served with coating development, process qualification and pilot production. More than a hundred employees make sure the customer receives the right process equipment needed for his specific coating needs and give him the necessary support. Long distance analysis of performance together with a professional maintenance program create the confidence that Hauzer products deserve. A partner in the true sense of the word, that is Hauzer for everybody who is or wants to become involved in PVD coatings.

Hauzer is part of the IHI group, a Japanese industrial group with significant R&D resources that operates through multiple business fields including: Energy and Resources, Social Infrastructure, Industrial Machinery and Aero Engines.


IHI Ionbond AG

Ionbond is a global leader in high performance coating technology featuring a broad range of hard and low friction coating services and coating equipment. With a unique portfolio of innovative PVD, PACVD and CVD know-how, Ionbond works with its clients to engineer optimal solutions for automotive, cutting tools, moulds, general industrial, aerospace, high performance racing and medical applications and decorative coatings.

Ionbond has a worldwide presence through a network of 38 service centers in 17 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. The cutting-edge technological infrastructure enables Ionbond´s specialists to provide customized and standard designs that meet customer performance goals and are cost-competitive.

Ionbond is part of the IHI Group, a Japanese industrial group with significant R&D resources that operates through multiple business fields including: Energy and Resources, Social Infrastructure, Industrial Machinery and Aero Engines.


Ing-D.B. GmbH

Ing-D.B. GmbH is your partner for the development and distribution of automation technology. One focus is the setting processing equipment for conical plugs, ball plugs, rivet plugs, blind rivet nuts, rivet screws and blind rivets.

From simple manual workstations, over the use of process monitoring, to a high level of automation with automatic feeding systems of the elements all customer requests can be satisfied.


KST Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG

KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Dürkheim/Germany, is an experienced development service provider supporting the automotive industry for nearly 50 years now providing extensive testing-and development services in a modern test field. KST meets the most important development requirements for alternative, hybrid and electrical drives in the following fields:

  • Passenger Car engine - Test benches up to 460kW
  • Commercial vehicle engine - Test benches - up to 800kW
  • Onroad / offroad Heavy Duty engine - Test benches up to 4 MW
  • Electric Drive / Hybrid Drive
  • Electric Drives component / environmental testing - Voltage supply up to 1,000 V/600 A/250 kW
  • Powertrain Test Benches (transient operation)
  • Real Driving Emission
  • Oil supply analysis / Tilt test benches
  • Exhaust gas systems / TC-Development
  • Exhaust gas emissions
  • Component structure
  • Lubes & Fuels testing
  • On-Road tests

A test field with more than 70 modern test benches including the requisite measurement technology will provide you with the service you need.


LEE Hydraulische Miniaturkomponenten GmbH

LEE - Innovation in Miniatur
LEE Hydraulische Miniaturkomponenten GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of  THE LEE COMPANY (Westbrook, Conn., United States) in 1979.
LEE is a market-leading manufacturer and seller of miniature precision hydraulic components for the aerospace industry.Our components are used successfully in fields as varied as the offshore industry, motor sports, the automotive industry and industrial and mobile hydraulics. We also offer a product line with applications in medical and scientific technology, opening the way to a host of space-saving constructions. 


Metelli SpA

You probably know we are an Italian manufacturer, and that we supply car manufacturers like OEM and the independent aftermarket. What you might not know is how we like to be in the driving seat when it comes to automotive parts: water pumps and parts for brakes, transmissions and engines.

As a privately owned group of companies, our workforce, with more than 650 employees, is our single most important asset. We have the competence and know-how to develop, manufacture and distribute the parts. Look into our R&D department and you will find curious minds, constantly in search of improvement.

Our products meet the relevant safety regulations such as ECE R90, and they comply with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 18001 and ISO 14001. We monitor and test the safety, quality and reliability of every part we manufacture.

Six percent of the Metelli Group turnover goes straight back into R&D and new technologies. This investment has two major rewards. First of all, we see it as a way to create value for our growing customer base. Secondly, we see it as a way to innovate our way to the forefront of our industry: a recent example of our patented technology is switchable water pumps.


NAGEL Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH

NAGEL Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH is the world's leading specialist in honing and superfinishing technology with innovative solutions for customers. For example, we increase the efficiency of vehicles, aircraft, ships, machines or machine elements. Tribologically adapted surfaces and highest dimensional accuracy are achieved, unnecessary friction losses are reduced. The energy efficiency of automobiles, hydraulic and pneumatic control units and power generation plants is greatly improved. Less CO2 emissions and energy consumption, less friction, noise emissions and wear, longer service life are the results. Honing and superfinishing are constantly present. Compressors that produce cold in the refrigerator, oil-free special compressors provide breathing air for diving and hospitals. Hydraulic and pneumatic parts are used for control systems. High-precision products in medical and optical fibre technology are precision machined. NAGEL supplies individual solutions with machines, in-house process and cutting material development, cutting material and tool production and, of course, service. Nagel operates worldwide from Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, USA, India, China and Japan and works directly on site for its customers to develop technically and economically efficient solutions.


Nemak Europe GmbH

Excellence in Lightweighting
Your innovative partner for Powertrain, Structural Components and E-Mobility Nemak specializes in the production of high complex aluminum components for the automotive industry such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, transmission parts, structural components, and solutions for e-mobility.

Along 30 years, Nemak has developed several competitive advantages that have led the company to be a global company. Talent development, continuous investment in research, technological innovation, and a sustained growth are the stepping stones behind Nemak’s global leadership in its segment.


Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH

Oerlikon Balzers is one of the world’s leading suppliers of surface technologies that significantly improve the performance and durability of precision components as well as tools for the metal and plastics processing industries. Extremely thin and exceptionally hard coatings, marketed under the BALINIT and BALIQ brand names, reduce friction and wear. The BALITHERM brand opens up a broad range of heat treatment services, whereas BALTONE comprises coatings that are available in a full range of elegant colours, perfectly suited for decorative applications. Under the technology brand BALIFOR, the company develops the technologies for tailor-made solutions for the automotive market, and ePD delivers solutions for the metallization of plastic parts with chrome effects.

Worldwide, more than 1’100 coating systems are in operation at Oerlikon Balzers facilities and its customers. Equipment engineering and assembly of Balzers' systems are processed in Liechtenstein and in Bergisch Gladbach (Germany). Oerlikon Balzers operates a dynamically growing network of more than 100 coating centres in 35 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Oerlikon Balzers is part of the Surface Solutions Segment of the Swiss Oerlikon Group.


Oerlikon Metco AG

Oerlikon Metco enhances surfaces that bring benefits to customers through a uniquely broad range of surface technologies, equipment, materials, services, specialized machining services and components. The surface technologies such as Thermal Spray and Laser Cladding improve the performance and increase efficiency and reliability.

Oerlikon Metco serves industries such as aviation, power generation, automotive, oil & gas, industrial and other specialized markets and operates a dynamically growing network of more than 50 sites in EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific.

Oerlikon Metco, together with Oerlikon Balzers, belongs to the Surface Solutions Segment of the Switzerland-based Oerlikon Group.


Pankl APC Turbosystems GmbH

Pankl APC Turbosystems GmBH, founded in 2009 in Mannheim, is a subsidiary of Pankl Racing Systems AG, Austria. Pankl APC Turbosystems key competencies are in the fields of development, production and testing of innovative turbocharging systems for numerous sport and high performance applications. Many years of experience in turbo charging systems for high performance applications guarantees our customers powerful and high quality solutions for all applications.

In addition to design and simulation engineering services, we offer also testing services for all turbocharging systems, including electrically assisted turbochargers. Our test stands offer closed loop system testing, battery simulation and burst and containment testing capabilities. Pankl APC offers complete validation programs, in addition to customer specific single tests within the framework of the development program. In our TS16949 certified production, exacting prototypes and small series are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

The current Pankl APC portfolio consists of electrically assisted exhaust gas turbochargers, electric turbo-compound systems, high performance exhaust gas turbochargers with integrated wastegates and VTGs, multistage turbocharging systems, external wastegates and anti-lag valves.


Scherdel GmbH

The SCHERDELGroup offers an extensive portfolio including metal forming, assembly and joining technology, machine and tool design and construction, as well as surface technology. Approx. 5500 employees at 31 locations are working worldwide for the success of the group. SCHERDEL offers the complete product range in metal forming of wire and strip material and is one of the leading producers of engineering springs. Whether it is about accompanying a completely new product development or improving existing products and systems, SCHERDEL supports right from the start with its strong research and development team of approximately 345 employees. The most modern laboratory equipment is available for material research. Theoretical results can be immediately implemented in real products in SCHERDEL's own prototype shop.


Sonceboz SA

Our core competencies consist of design, development and production of compact, robust and energy-efficient electric actuators that operate in internal combustion engines. Sonceboz is committed to improving safety, decreasing energy consumption and minimizing the impact on the environment. Many vehicles of renowned OEMs are equipped everyday with our state-of-the art motion systems. With facilities in Switzerland, USA and China and a French an German subsidiaries dedicated to advanced R&D the Sonceboz Group provides unique values to its partners-customers. Our focus on innovation, best in class quality and exceptional service is our key to success for worldwide OEM customers and their suppliers.


Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH

Thermamax is recognized worldwide as the specialist in the design and manufacture of thermal and acoustic insulation systems for engine compartments and exhaust lines for diesel and gasoline engines, fuel cells, and electric drive systems.

Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen GmbH has it’s headquarters in Mannheim, Germany, where it was founded in 1976. Thermamax serves customers around the world and operates three manufacturing facilities (Mannheim, Germany; Aurora, IL, USA; Obrenovac, Serbia), several sales & marketing offices in the US and Italy as well as a corporation in Taicang, China.

The High-Temperature Insulation systems are installed in On- and Off-Highway vehicles as well as applications in Power Generation, Marine, and On- and Offshore Platform market sectors.


Thomas Magnete GmbH

We are a development partner and system supplier of innovative, customized electric actuator solutions for fluid and mechatronic applications based on efficient standards.

Innovative products based on permanent research and developing are for example


  • Metering pumps (e.g. for parking heaters, auxiliary heaters, lubricants, HC-SCR)
  • Integrated Motorpump Units (for use in, among others, dual clutch, automatic and differential gears, suspension systems and thermal management)
  • Proportional/On-off hydraulic valves (e.g. for parametric power-assisted steering systems, clutch and gear control systems, pump and main valve control systems, adjustable oil pumps, adjustable cooling-fluid pump)
  • On-off/Proportional solenoids (e.g. for brake boosters, clutch and gear control systems)





Wieland-Werke AG

The Wieland Group, with headquarters in Ulm, Germany, is a globally leading manufacturer of premium copper alloys and innovative customer solutions. The product portfolio includes strip, sheet, tubes, rods, wires and sections. Wieland also manufactures finned tubes and heat exchangers, slide bearings and system components.

With a range of more than 100 different copper alloys, the Wieland Group offers optimum product solutions for numerous industries such as the electrical and electronic industry, the automotive industry, the mechanical engineering, air conditioning, refrigeration and heating sectors as well as the construction and sanitary industries. If required, the portfolio is complemented by materials such as aluminium, steel and titanium.

Decades of experience and continuous new and further development of materials, products and processes result in future-oriented innovations for industrial customers worldwide.

For a reliable supply of its customers in Germany and abroad, the Wieland Group has manufacturing companies, slitting centres and trading companies in many European countries as well as in the USA, in Asia and South Africa. In the fiscal year 2016/17 the Wieland Group has achieved a turnover of 3 billion Euro with approx. 7,000 employees worldwide.