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Grid Integration of Electric Mobility 2019

Customer focus – one key to success

4th International ATZ Conference

12-11-2019 – 13-11-2019 – Mannheim, Germany

Cooperation partners

4th International ATZ Conference

Grid Integration of Electric Mobility 2019

Electric mobility is one of the most outstanding industrial topics of the present. In order to give it additional impetus, the charging infrastructure must be further expanded. Particular focus must be on the development of technologies and concepts for the user-friendly integration of electric vehicles into intelligent power grids. In the future, we will need intelligent solutions to ensure the reliability and stability of the power grid. A true breakthrough in electric mobility requires a continuous exchange of ideas and opinions. Grid Integration of Electric Mobility is breaking new grounds providing an international and interdisciplinary forum for representatives from the automotive industry, energy providers, data services and politics.

Recent legislation on climate change and air quality is forcing us to take new approaches to mobility and vehicle powertrains. Battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles can make a major contribution to carbon-neutral mobility if they are powered by renewable electricity. This means that the powertrain transition is part of the essential transport and energy transitions.

The automotive industry is pushing ahead with the development of electrified powertrains. A breakthrough for electric mobility is on the cards, but it will not happen until the development of the products and the expansion of the infrastructure are synchronized. Key factors include the intelligent connection of electrified vehicles to the power grid and the targeted use of information technology. As a result, communication across the boundaries between the different disciplines is becoming increasingly important.

In order to encourage interaction between the representatives of the automotive industry, the energy supply companies, the grid operators, the data services, the finance industry and politicians on a national and international level, ATZlive has brought together its Electrified Mobility congress and Grid Integration of Electric Mobility conference under one roof. The participants of both events have the option of moving over to parallel sessions and broadening their horizons.

Combining resources

Main Subject Areas





Keynote Lectures

Klaus Baumgärtner
BridgingIT GmbH

Prof. Dr. Uwe Dieter Grebe
AVL List GmbH

Dr. Falko Schappacher
MEET Battery Research Center,
Münster University (WWU)

Workshop on 12-11-2019

Developing customer-centric electric mobility ecosystems

Lars Christiansen,
BridgingIT Group

Dr. Reha Tözün
BridgingIT Group

Presentation of the workshop results on 2nd day of the conference.


The Program in Detail Advisory BoardSpeakers

2 Conferences in one location

Electric mobility is picking up speed. To achieve a breakthrough, traffic concepts, vehicles and infrastructure must work together perfectly. Our established ATZlive conferences Electrified Mobility and Grid Integration of Electric Mobility cover precisely these topics. In order to enable the participants to form a broader opinion, we will hold these two conferences simultaneously at the same location starting this year.

The independent character with the well-known technical depth will be retained for each conference. Participants will have the opportunity to switch to the parallel conference and thus broaden their perspective. In this way, we promote communication beyond our own specialist field at an interface that is crucial to the success of electromobility.

Grid Integration of Electric Mobility


This ATZ conference is aimed at managers and engineers from car manufacturers, suppliers, development service providers, research institutes and universities and at employees of telecommunications services providers, IT companies, financial services providers, energy suppliers and grid operators, federal and state ministries, associations and NGOs who work in the field of electric mobility.


Congresscenter Rosengarten

Rosengartenplatz 2
68161 Mannheim

Conference language

Simultaneous interpreting (German/English)

The accompanying trade exhibition

A trade exhibition of interesting suppliers and service providers rounds off the conference and provides the opportunity to find out about innovations on site.

Details on the trade exhibition

Downloadable events program

Your contact partner

Your contact partner

Nadine von Widekind

+49 (0) 611. 7878 212


From the Editor

Cooperation partners

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Scientific director and advisory board

Scientific Director of the conference

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Wagner
TU Munich

A scientific advisory board made up of outstanding personalities from each of the fields involved supports our conference in terms of planning and finding topics.