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Automotive Acoustics Conference 2019

09-07-2019 – 10-07-2019 – Zurich / Rueschlikon, Switzerland

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Experts from industry and science talk about the topics of their presentations with you.

Automotive Acoustics

Speakers and moderators in alphabetical order

KEY = Keynote Speaker

Mark Allman-Ward

NVH Simulation Specialist, Bruel & Kjaer UK, United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Bathelt

Managing Director, AZL-Technology Center GmbH, Germany

Romain Baudson

Product Marketing Manager, Free Field Technologies, MSC Software, Belgium

Bart Bergen

Senior Noise & Vibration Engineer, Toyota Motor Europe, Belgium

Claudio Bertolini

Principal Engineer NVH Tools and Methodologies, Autoneum Management Ltd.

Dr. Ralf Bocksch

NVH Project Coordinator, Daimler AG, Germany

Mark Brennan

Research Manager, Huntsman Polyurethanes, Belgium

Howard Brentnall

Airborne Lead Engineer Vehicle NVH / Vehicle Engineering, Jaguar Land Rover Limited, United Kingdom

Dr. Davide Caprioli

Head of Product Acoustic and Thermal Performance, Autoneum Management Ltd, Switzerland

Christopher Cundy

Technical Specialist Powertrain NVH Systems, Ford Motor Company, United States

Karine Degrendele

NVH R&D Engineer, EOMYS Engineering SAS, France

Yves Detandt

FFT, Free Field Technologies, MSC Software, Belgium

Dr. Léon Gavric

Vice President, Senior Expert NVH, PSA Groupe, France

Dr. Alexander Heintzel

Editor-in-Chief ATZ | MTZ Group, Springer Nature

Martin Hirzel

CEO, Autoneum Holding AG, Switzerland

Yoshiki Konishi

Chief Engineer ZB / CV Product Planning / CV Compan, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

Charbel Massoud

Technical Specialist Steering Systems NVH, ZF Group, United States

Matthew Maunder

Technical Specialist Powertrain NVH, Ricardo UK Ltd., United Kingdom

Mehdi Mehrgou

Lead Engineer NVH Simulation, AVL List GmbH, Austria

Dr. Piercarlo Miglietta

NVH Technical Fellow, FCA Italy S.p.A.

Christian Mühlbauer

Development Engineer, CHP Messtechnik GmbH, Germany

Francesca Ronzio

Team Leader Products and Systems Simulation, Autoneum Management AG

Prof. Dr. Hermann Rottengruber

Head of the Institute of Mobile Systems (IMS), Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany

Luca Sangiuliano

PhD Researcher, Department of Mechanical Engineering, KU Leuven / Flanders Make, Belgium

Dr. Christian Schuster

Manager Vehicle NVH Programs, Ford-Werke GmbH, Germany

Roßberg Sebastian

Senior Project Manager, HEAD acoustics GmbH, Germany

Dr. Rene Visser

Technical Director, CDH AG, Germany

Tomohiro Yamada

Assistant Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan