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Heavy-Duty, On- and Off-Highway Engines 2020

10-11-2020 – 11-11-2020 – Mannheim, Germany or virtually via live stream

Cooperation partners

Trade Exhibition

An accompanying trade exhibition will be taking place again next to the function rooms on Tuesday 10 November and Wednesday 11 November 2020. In numerous booths, manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry will present the latest developments and interesting services to the specialist audience.


10-11-2020 – 11-11-2020
Mannheim, Germany or virtually via live stream

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ELTROPULS – Wear and corrosion protection without distortion

•    Plasma nitriding
•    Plasma nitrocarburising
•    Oxidation

ELTROPULS supplies plasma nitriding as a service while offering the plant technology at the same time.

ELTROPULS treatment shop:
ELTROPULS delivers nitriding services at four locations. From single parts, to prototypes to series-production parts: With 50 modern plasma nitriding machines of various sizes, we guarantee all our customers the best possible treatment without any compromises.

ELTROPULS Plant manufacturing:
ELTROPULS delivers plasma heat treatment machines and systems for nitriding, nitrocarburising and coatings. We provide bell, pit and horizontal furnaces in various sizes. Also fully automated nitriding systems are available.

Your benefits:
•    Ideal protection against wear
•    Maximum component strengths
•    Low-distortion (high levels of dimensional stability and form retention)
•    Optimum adaptation of the layer to the stress
•    Option of partial treatment
•    Increased fatigue and retained toughness
•    Reduction in friction coefficients
•    High level of hot hardness and heat resistance
•    Very environmentally friendly



IAV – Your Partner for Heavy-Duty Vehicle Engineering

Whether on-highway commercial vehicle or work machine, our engineering provides tailored solutions for optimizing CO2 emissions and TCO for your specific use case: lower fuel consumption, better performance and longer service life.

As one of the leading development partners to the automotive industry, IAV offers more than 30 years of experience and a range of skills second to none. Employing 7,000 members of staff and first-class facilities, we assist vehicle manufacturers and suppliers in carrying out their projects across the globe.

To find out more and discover our unrivaled wealth of expertise, go to



IFT is a globally active company which operates in the development and production of high-quality, innovative blow-by filters. IFT’s blowby filters and their oil mist separators are absolutely zero-maintenance and have unlimited service life.

IFT’s technology is based on a newly-developed, innovative mode of operation whereby the effect of the Brownian motion of particles is exploited for purposes of coalescent particle separation. In conjunction with a range of patented features, this makes it possible to reduce the concentration of residual oil downstream of the blow-by filter to below 0.1 mg/m³m^3, combined with unrestricted filter service life and a consistent, minimum level of pressure drop.

IFT supplies global solutions which exploit the maximum potential for integration, such as filter concepts comprising integrated, membraneless pressure regulators, internal thermal insulation and crankcase ventilation and extraction systems, relying on supporting blowers, for large-scale engines.

These new, pioneering achievements in technology explain how the Company has succeeded in establishing itself as a worldwide leader in technology when it comes to crankcase venting systems and blowby filters.

The name IFT is a byword for quality and sustainability; the Company holds ISO 9001 certification and places a high priority on maximising environmental protection and the conservation of resources.

By now, many well-known engine manufacturers and plant operators have come to insist on the products of IFT GmbH, for their reliability.


KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG

As an innovative and certified test facility with long-standing tradition we offer our global customer pool from the automotive, heavy duty and non road mobil machinery  sectors highly dynamic test benches with state-of-the-art measuring technology for combustion engines (up to 4MW), hybrid drive trains and electric engines.

KST’s range of services comprises the following technical areas: 

  • Electric and Hybrid Drive
  • Realtime Motor Emulation (EME)
  • Combustion Engines
  • Heavy Duty Engines 
  • Transmissions, Drive Trains
  • Component Testing
  • Real Driving Emissions (RDE)
  • Lubricants and Fuels
  • On-Road Tests

We invite you to try out and test our services and opportunities. Convince yourself of our compentence! We will actively support you and address your specific needs!


Liebherr components AG

At the 15th MTZ conference, Liebherr features its modular common rail solutions for future combustion engines. The intelligent design and flexible interfaces enable not only simple adaptation of the robust single components to specific engine designs, but also their compatibility with each other. Decades of experience in the development and production of diesel engines guarantees the highest performance and reliability of injection systems over a long service life. It also enables a sharper focus not only on future requirements in the field of diesel technology, but also on the use of hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

In this context, Liebherr is presenting its Injection Timing Control (ITC) function as part of the LI1 injector platform. The ITC function makes it possible to operate the fuel injection system in a closed loop with significantly improved injection accuracy without the need of additional sensors, cabling or interfaces. In addition to high quantity accuracy and longer service life of the individual components, the integrated ITC function also promises benefits in increased power, better fuel economy, lower emissions and cost throughout the entire injector platform.





The UT99 AG – part of the ARTUM AG - develops and produces over 40 years high efficiently state-of-the-art oil mist separators for combustion engines, power plants and industry. As a filter specialist they have the Know-How and a product range from electrostatic filters for industrial solutions over coalescence filters for combustion engines to centrifugal filters for hydropower plants. The main focus at UT99 is the blow-by oil mist separation for engines in off-highway, marine and power plant applications. UT 99 can look back on field experience of 20 years and now more than 10,000 delivered oil mist separators for crankcase ventilation for large engines. UT99 AG is the market leader in oil mist separators for crankcase ventilation of gas engines for use in chp systems with a power output of more than 600 kW and for cruise ship applications. A residual amount of oil well below 1 mg/m³ blow-by can be ensured for the service life of the filter - and this with a very low pressure drop. The product range for combustion engines includes oil mist separators for closed (CCV) and open (OCV) crankcase ventilation. The actual products covers a range from 8,8 cfm (15 m³/h=250 l/min) up to 824 cfm (1.400 m³/h=23.333 l/min) nominal blow-by volume flow and can be used for engines from 50 kW up 100 MW. The UT99 oil mist separators were developed for the use on gas, diesel, heavy-fuel-oil (HFO) and dual-fuel (DF) engines.

Through the useofUT99oil mistseparators emissionsand oil consumptioncan be reducedfor all engines. Particularlyin relation to thecontinuously increasing requirements ofemissionregulations, e.g.EPA TierIVFinal, theuse of highly efficientoil mist separatorsis beneficial.The requirementsfor crankcase ventilationaccording to EPARICENESHAPare met.For gas enginesthe engine efficiency can be increasedby up to 0.7percentage pointsby switching toclosedcrankcase ventilation. UT99oil mist separatorspreventreliably andover the entirelife negative side effects, such as sediments onturbochargersand filters havelongservice lives of more than 24.000 h.

UT99 AG is an innovative company which can implement customized requirements very efficiently. Unique demands and necessary approvals (e.g. UL, ATEX, Shock, Gastightness etc.) can be implemented promptly. 

The UPF-SauKuL is our latest product in the UT99 oil mist separator portfolio, which offers a high separation performance at very low costs.

UT99 AG offers the world´s first and only oil mist separators for marine and offshore applications with a type approval by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and RINA. The oil mist separators are also approved for operation on gas and dual-fuel engines

A large number of renownedengine manufacturers, ship yardsand system manufacturersfor a longtimealready rely onUT99oil mist separators.