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8th International Engine Congress 2021

23-02-2021 – 24-02-2021 – Baden-Baden, Germany, or virtually via live stream


Our partners from industry, science and the media give us hands-on support in the implementation of up-to-date topics of the sector.


VDI Wissensforum

As a leading further education specialist the VDI Wissensforum teach knowledge pertaining to practically almost all technological subjects and other core subject areas.  In this context, the VDI Wissensforum attach great importance to practical relevance. In cooperation with the large network of experts they make sure that the participants make the most of their time.

In addition to successfully conducting further education courses VDI Wissensforum develop customized concepts for events and is also the ideal partner for inhouse events.

Since 2012 the independent training institute added international conferences to its portfolio. These networking platform offer an international knowledge exchange for engineers and decision makers in the technical field. For more information on the products, search the database below.

Benefits for the participants:
  • high quality training courses – customized to their needs
  • international knowledge exchange
  • networking platform
  • business opportunities

Media partners


MTZ | Motortechnische Zeitschrift

MTZ is the internationally distributed technical trade journal for decision-makers working in engine production and development, with a special focus on the latter. It promotes the communication of information and the exchange of ideas between engine manufacturers, suppliers and service providing companies, as well as between research and development centres worldwide.

Language: German | Type: print + eMagazine

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Keyou GmbH

KEYOU GmbH is a successful high-tech company from Unterschleissheim near Munich in the area of Clean Mobility, which was founded in autumn 2015 by engineer Thomas Korn, his former BMW colleague and KEYOU's Chief Technology Officer Alvaro Sousa, and the Portuguese energy expert Ivo Pimentel.

As a recognized H2 technology leader, the Bavarian start-up company develops innovative hydrogen technologies, combustion processes and hydrogen-specific components for vehicle and engine manufacturers, with the help of which conventional engines can be transformed into emission-free hydrogen engines - without major modifications to the basic engine. Leading Tier 1 suppliers manufacture special software and engine components according to KEYOU's specifications, which enable optimum engine performance with the developed H2 combustion process and the complementary engine strategy. The hydrogen engine thus becomes a cost-efficient alternative with predictable development risk for engine and vehicle manufacturers. OEMs can rely on KEYOU's professional and long-standing engineering know-how on the one hand, and on established Tier 1 suppliers who, as strategic partners of KEYOU and for KEYOU, produce special hydrogen components of the accustomed high quality on the other. In the end, according to today's EU definition, manufacturers even get an emission-free engine, since vehicles with KEYOU-inside technology are considered "zero emissions" since emissions lie significantly below the defined CO2 limit of 1g CO2/kWh.

The KEYOU approach ensures cost-effectiveness as well as scalability. Because KEYOU-inside technology can be used in both ON THE ROAD and OFF THE ROAD applications, independent of manufacturer and engine model, and therefore infinitely scalable in terms of application fields and performance classes. The further development of the classic combustion engine by KEYOU to use hydrogen as a sustainable fuel thus allows a quantum leap in powertrain development. The interaction of efficiency and specific power density reaches a completely new level. In the end, only harmless water vapour escapes as exhaust gas. The ideal solution not only for the commercial vehicle sector, but also for rail or maritime applications alike is the emission-free hydrogen engine, the most environmentally friendly drive train. The new "green" combustion engine with KEYOU-inside technology means zero emissions, efficiency and cost-effectiveness at the same time - without compromising performance, capacity, or range. With KEYOU, "Sustainable Zero Emission" becomes reality.